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About Us

The Cvar Group is a modern IT support and managed service provider specializing in remote work.

A hands on founder with over 20 years of experience

The founder and principle engineer Steve Cvar worked in various Enterprise IT support and architecture roles beginning in the year 2000 and eventually moved on to consulting full-time for a select group of clients by the year 2015.

The Cvar Group operates on a few basic principles:

  • Transparency - Communication is critical to success during any complex project.
  • Pragmatism - We believe in using the right tools for the job in every engagement, whether that means the latest bleeding edge technology or something tried and true.
  • Security - All data and communications related to customer engagements are protected by accounts with multi-factor authentication, encrypted at rest and in transit, on systems with the latest security patches. "Defense in depth" is our guiding principle in matters of security.


We provide architecture guidance and remotely manage critical points of your IT infrastructure or work along side your existing IT staff to augment their capabilities.


Google and Microsoft cloud based email setup and maintenance.

Managed Web Hosting

Provisioning and management of Domain names, DNS, and web hosting including site migrations, custom redirects, CDNs and Edge Firewall rules.

Remote Support and Infrastructure Management (Physical/ Virtual, Public/ Private/ Hybrid Cloud)

Remote support for Windows, MacOS, Linux, NAS devices, Network, Firewall, VPN, AWS, Azure cloud, and VMware.

Systems Integration

Customization and deployment of a wide variety of commercial and open source on-premise software and SaaS based tools including scripting and workflow automation. Reach out for a free estimate on project based engagements.


Contact us for pricing on project based work or custom enterprise plans.


4470 W Sunset Blvd STE 313
Los Angeles, CA 90027


+1 323 275 1985

Remote Support